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The STEBBINS Engineering and Manufacturing Company


A leader in the field of specialty construction involving masonry structures and linings. Our corrosion resistant linings protect a wide range of substrates, in corrosive processes ranging from atmospheric to elevated temperature/pressure.





The early history of Stebbins focused mainly on pulp and paper mill corrosion issues.  Our unique capabilities are widely used world-wide in new, retrofit, and maintenance of pulp and paper manufacturing facilities.




Stebbins has provided design and installation of lining systems and vessel construction for a variety of processes.  Many processes involve elevated pressure/temperature at extremely corrosive conditions.  A wide range of precious/base metal and mineral refiners use Stebbins engineered solutions to prevent corrosion in their critical process equipment.





Similar to the metal/mineral refinery industry, Stebbins provides masonry and membrane lining system and vessel construction.  In the chemical/petrochemical industry the processes span the pH range of conditions making lining designs especially challenging.  Due to our reliability, Stebbins enjoys relationships with many of the world's largest engineering and manufacturing companies.

Fossil FGD/CCS Plants


From the 1970s, when FGD became a large scale industry process, Stebbins has been at the forefront of this field to provide corrosion resistant lining systems and structures.  We have FGD units in service that are 30 years old.  We have also developed proven methods to retrofit failing metal and alloy tanks in a quick and reliable way.





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